hoodie aida kitten

this is a sort of collective bio manager for me existing, basically

pronouns: fae/feir(they pronouns but with f, fey->fae), she/her

i'm queer, trans, and otherkin. if that bothers you please go away

so i've just got some warnings and stuff.

i'm not great in terms of mental health, i could break down at any time, even though it's kind of rare, and unlikely these days. as such, beware of sad posts.

i am a gameplay and systems designer for videogames who is unlikely to work in the industry.

i am a writer who writes queer smut http://pet-prey.tumblr.com/ and superhero stories generation4.net/

i am an artist, occasionally. see my art on various social networks.

social media


the favicon for this site, and my social media avatar basically everywhere is by twitter.com/needsmoreswords

finally: i have been taking time to work on the github primarily for mastodon.social

% complete
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